Who we are

We are  a very entrepreneurial business - we think laterally and innovatively, we act in an intrepid manner (we describe it as “gutsy and ballsy”) and as a result we have a...


We are genuinely driven by the customer; therefore we deliver a more flexible service


We only want to work with 'like-minded' brands - that means a belief in people and partnership


We are 'REAL'; so much so, it is one of our values. We're human, we make mistakes but we ensure we learn from them, we're open and honest and we operate with complete integrity. 


We believe our candidates are as important as our clients, and we try really hard to make them feel that way. 


We work very hard to deliver an environement that is great to work in. As a result we believe we have been able to attract one of the best consulting teams in New Zealand, and we rate ourselves as an Employer of Choice. Just ask our people. 


We specialise in finance, accounting and supply chain. We have worked exclusively in this space for the last decade and we believe we are more knowledgeable in these disciplines than any other consultancy in New Zealand. 


We do things differently. We have never wanted to deliver the same level of service as the rest of the industry and we are dedicated to excelling in this area. 


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