Do you need a contractor?

Numero provides contract solutions to our corporate and SME clients nationally, within the finance, accounting and supply chain fields.

Scenarios Ideal for Engaging a Contractor

  • Parental leave
  • Project resource
  • Cover for secondment
  • Interim solution for resignation
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as illness, jury service, bereavement
  • Extra resource during a period of change
  • New product development or launch
  • Work overload
  • Additional year end resource
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Cover whilst recruiting for a permanent role to ensure continuity (providing both exiting and new incumbent handovers)

Benefits of Engaging a Contractor through Numero

  • Gain a resource with relevant skills, experience and industry knowledge that can hit the ground running and add value immediately
  • Availability at short term notice
  • Flexibility to take advantage of the contractor’s skills and experience in other parts of the business
  • Short term resource that under normal circumstances would be too expensive to employ on a full time basis
  • Independent contractors are responsible for their own taxes therefore clients do not pay any extra costs for holiday or sick pay, ACC, bereavement leave, etc
  • The ability to choose notice periods
  • Assists in workforce planning to avoid losing momentum at crucial times
  • Numero manages the payment administration
  • Less cost in terms of meeting permanent employee obligations e.g. benefits, redundancy, termination
  • Solution when there is a permanent recruitment freeze in place


For more information please contact us on 09 306 1359

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