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Friday, 26 January 2018

5 Minutes with Brittany Macintyre

5 Minutes with Brittany Macintyre


Brittany specialises in recruiting junior to mid-level Accounting and Finance professionals across all industries for both permanent and temporary positions.

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What’s the best piece of advice you that you have ever been given?

Someone once said to me that if you fail, try, try and try again. I have aimed to live by that advice.


How did you get into recruitment?

I started off as a candidate manager for a start-up venture and really loved it so never looked back, moving into a large agency from there, and now I’m at home at Numero.


What has been the most memorable moment as a recruitment consultant?

I recall a memorable moment when I was just starting out as a recruitment consultant. During the final stages in a recruitment process I realised that the client’s preferred candidate would not actually be an exact fit for the organisation. I had to explain to the candidate as well as the client, precisely why I had come to that decision. Both appreciated my honesty and understood it was for the best. Forthright conversations help to ensure the best outcome for client and candidate at the end of the day.


What advice would you give to a job hunter?

Triple check your CV! Your CV must be clean and precise. It is the most important first step when job hunting. (Check out our post next week on tips to improve your CV)


Why temp?

I love recruiting in the temp and contract space due to its fast pace. It gives candidates the opportunity to experience different industries, roles, and styles of management. It is also a great way to gain lots of valuable experience, which can all lead to higher earning potential in the future.


What is your biggest recruitment pet peeve?

Spelling errors on a CV. I recommend getting someone you trust to check for any grammatical mistakes or formatting issues. Use spellcheck, it’s your friend!


What is your next holiday plan?

My next holiday will be my honeymoon as I’m getting married in April! We are considering going to Bali because it’s beautiful and tropical and you can’t go wrong with Bali.


Give me a run down on your average day as a recruiter?

That is a hard question as every day is different. However, most days consist of talking to and helping candidates, and liaising with clients - ultimately to determine needs in order to place great candidates in awesome jobs.


If you would like to get in touch with Brittany please give her a ring on 09 306 1373 or flick an email to

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