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Friday, 14 July 2017

5 Minutes with Michelle Elsley

5 Minutes with Michelle Elsley

Michelle Elsley - Senior Contract Recruitment Consultant


Michelle is Numero’s senior contract consultant specialising in accounting and finance recruitment. Michelle is new to NZ and is enjoying exploring her adopted country and of course the local wine, whilst looking forward to her planned holiday to Milford Sound later in the year.


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How did you get into recruitment?

So I sort of fell into recruitment when I went to university to study commerce and I wanted to earn some money whilst studying. My friend set up a home tuition company and I was asked to hire students from university to tutor school pupils. I joined a recruitment agency and have been in recruitment ever since!


Give me a rundown of the average day in the life of a recruiter?

Start with a coffee in the morning. Check diary for the day. Visit clients. Phone screen, interview and hunt for the best talent on the market. I also keep in touch with my candidates  looking for work about possible opportunities and guide them through the job seeking process.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I was always taught to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Always keep on top of your desk. Always go the extra mile. Make mistakes but learn from them!


What has been the best moment of your recruiting career?

When a candidate that you placed becomes a client or when a candidate that you helped place as a junior has progressed really well in their career. I love watching people I have placed become successful and happy in their careers.


Why contract over a permanent job?

Lots of reasons! Firstly contracting offers an awesome lifestyle balance. For example a permanent role involves committing and staying in one place for a long time. Or people get bored staying in a permanent position or people don’t want to stay in one particular industry. Contracting allows for a fresh new environment and meeting lots of new people. Many like to work for 8 months of the year and have 4 months’ worth of holiday and this can be achieved through contract work.

Contracting also involves a lot of project work and having a set list of expectations, clear markers and an end date in a sense allows for more job satisfaction. Independency and higher earning rate are an added bonus!


What advice would you give to a job hunter?

You have to make a great impression from start to finish, and with everyone in the recruitment process from the person who greets you at reception, to your consultant, through to the client.  Your level of experience for the job could be little or a lot – but you could still land the job on the basis of your first impression and positive approach.  

Recently I had a top candidate but he turned up in jeans, sneakers, hoodie with a bad attitude. First impressions really do matter!


If you would like to get in touch with Michelle please give her a ring on 09 302 3815 or flick her an email on



5 Minutes with Michelle Elsley

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